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I was born and raised, educated and married in St. Paul, Minnesota and occasionally maintain an ordinary Minnesotan lifestyle. I have four children, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
Thirty years ago, in spite of having a promising job in a large corporation, I started my own business and leaped into a dramatic change in lifestyle.
I started nine businesses, a couple of them successful. I travelled across the US, Latin America and Europe, started two businesses in Barcelona Spain. I wrote uncounted technical papers and spoke in technical seminars in many countries.
During this period I also wrote numerous short stories and a couple of novels but I had no time for publishing and promoting my writing. Now, finally with a little more time available, the writing is getting some much needed attention.
I have three books on Amazon (click on ‘my books’ tab to see them), two novels and a collection of short stories. I am currently working on my second novel which I expect to have out in January.
I now spend my time writing, working on social justice issues and enjoying my family.

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  1. Martha says:

    Joe, I came here from the freerice site. I think it is a great way to address one social justice issue. I noticed that you registered with that site fairly recently … And quickly set up your own group, “Catholics for Peace.” I have been supporting another group there, “Catholics Against Hunger” since 2010. Welcome to the “club” and best wishes to you as you use some of your time on social justice! You are welcome to add to the “Catholics Against Hunger” rice total any time ;-). At the moment the rice grains total in our group is unfortunately broken, but I have been reassured that members contributions still count. If you search the list of groups with “Catholic” in the title, it is the one with the largest membership listed. I’m always happy to see more folks involved in hunger issues. And peace. (Do you have Pax Christi members locally?)

  2. justjoe says:

    Intelligent Information Incorporated
    Realife Computer Technology
    Systems Migration

  3. Norene says:

    I have missed the fact that you had started 9 (nine) businesses!!! Inquiring minds want to know ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (8) maybe only 7

  4. justjoe says:

    Your question is an interesting one. I think when people talk face to face, the conversation goes in many directions and it’s nearly impossible to talk through an idea. Had we started a conversation on something like my posts, we would have talked about the business and what my partner is doing now and what is Las Ramblas and “tell me about the church there” and on and on. When it is written, there is no opportunity to take new directions and the entire idea can be expressed.

  5. JoAnn says:

    Wow!! My brother, the author! What fun to read your thoughtful insights into life. Now here’s a “why” for you. How come people don’t talk to each other about the things that are near and dear to their hearts?

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