I need to get busy on my new #novel

My fourth novel, a sequel to “The Plagues”, has been languishing for many months but a recent discovery I read about forces me to get busy on completing it.

The new novel explains a lot about the “Baal”, the alien beings seen in The Plagues.  In the new novel they are seen interacting with primitive people living in an area that is now at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.  The aliens first arrived there about 12,000 B.C.  With the help of the aliens, the primitive people advance very rapidly.  Wild hunter-gatherers develop cities and governments and what we call civilization flashes into being.

Now, in real life, archeologists have discovered the remains of cities from about 8000 B.C on the edge of the Persian Gulf.  They speculate that they were built by an advanced  civilization that lived where the gulf is today.  As the last ice age ended, sea levels rose and filled the gulf to its present state forcing the people to rebuild on higher ground where the discovery was made.

So, I need to finish the fictional story before it turns into non fiction.


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