A Beautiful Snowy Day

After living in Minnesota all of my life, I never thought I would be happy about a snowy day in January.  By this time the winter is really getting tiresome.  The holidays are past, the snowbanks are towering over the icy roads and the cold is getting very unpleasant.

But this year we had no snow on the ground by mid January.  The weather had been so warm, some foolish tulips were poking little green sprouts out of the sun-warmed ground.  The buds on the elderberry bushes were starting to open and winter was nowhere to be seen.

Today it was snowing when I awoke.  The dead brown grass was covered with bright white snow.  My boots crunched delightfully in the new snow as I walked down to get the morning paper.

The birds that had been finding all of their food in the  woods now swarmed to the feeder.  Chicadees, goldfinches, purple finces and cardinals fought for spots to reach the seeds.  A swarm of juncoes covered the ground picking up the seeds dropped from the feeders.

All is right with the world once more.  Now I hope it doesn’t stay too long.

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  1. norene says:

    The reason we love and live in Minnesota is the beauty of winter. This year, nature just isn’t fullfilling it’s duty.

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