One Nation Under God

In an email discussion group where I participate, a comment came up objecting to the words “under God” in our pledge of allegiance.   I responded “Recognizing God (generically, no specific religion) is recognizing the very reason of our existence.  It is not unconstitutional because it doesn’t force any religion, just a recognition that our country is subject to the will of God.  Again, freedom of religion not freedom from religion.”

I was then asked “How can we assert that recognising god explains the very reason of our existence?”   My answer was:

For the avowed atheists, I offer my sympathy for your lack of understanding.  You’ll have to suffer along with the smokers who must forever listen to messages about how bad smoking is for them.   For the rest of the world, God created each of us.  He gave us each the gifts we have to work with in this life and He gave us a purpose – take the gifts you have been given and use them well (oh yeah, a word of thanks now and then would be nice).   If not, then God is a capricious prankster who creates beings and gives them just enough intelligence to be self-aware.  Then forgets about them and moves on to the next prank.

Here in the United States, we pledge allegiance to a scrap of cloth with a defined set of patterns on it, yet people would object to a simple recognition that God gave us the people and the wisdom to build the country whose flag is worthy of that respect.  If He gave us these, then the nation is truly “under God”. I fear that the pendulum of human behavior has swung to the opposite extreme from the time when religion defined every moment of their life on earth.  People in today’s society need to give an occasional acknowledgement  to the fact that they don’t define the universe

If you believe there is a God, then what reason for our existence can there be but that we exist for Gods purpose?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Satish says:

    I saw this a few weeks ago. A powerful mesgase for sure! For years I didn’t go to church, because I wasn’t sure how to pick a church or religion. I talked to and spent some time with people from different religions and various churches, it was all really confusing at first. And each person tried to tell me why their church or religion was best. Finally, one day, I drove out to a little church near where I grew up. The people were friendly and welcoming and laid back. They spend a lot of time helping other people in need. They sang lots of songs and shared bible readings. That’s all I needed. It was so simple once I took the obsessive thinking out of the equation. It really is about your relationship with Jesus, not where you go to church, or the name of your religion.

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