Marketing works! (sometimes)

I have been working on marketing my books for several months and the results have been virtually nothing.  I got a Facebook author page and a Facebook page for each book.  I signed up on Twitter and I have nearly 400 followers as of now.  I changed all of my LinkedIn information to author.  I started learning the deep dark secrets of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Sales stayed nearly at zero.

Then I promoted the short stories book Twisted Minds on Amazon.  It was free for a five day period.  During those five days over 400 books were  ‘bought’.  But, the idea of a promotion is to stimulate actual sales.  I watched the sales reports each day after the promotion ended and there were no sales for three days.  Then a few of the short stories went out yesterday.  Today another eight copies were purchased and a few were borrowed.

So rather than spend all day working on marketing, I am going to work on getting my next novel out and writing much more often here on the blog.  This is fun, marketing is work.  Being the lazy bum that I am, I will opt for fun.  Whooo Hoo!

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2 Responses to Marketing works! (sometimes)

  1. justjoe says:

    I know it works, it was the time needed that I didn’t appreciate. The promotion was after three months of steady effort.

  2. Will Granger says:

    Marketing does work, but it takes time. I’ve been working to get some reviews on book blogs, and hopefully they will lead to some more sales.
    Good luck with your books.

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