4th day of nanowrimo

Writing a novel in a month is harder than I thought. I have to write about 1700 words per day to make it and I thought that would be easy. In the past I have written 5000 words in a single day on other projects.
Today I worked on the new novel all day and added about 2000 words. Most of the day was used for researching facts and planning subplot action. Maybe tomorrow will be one of the 5000 word days.
So far I have 8,439 words on the new novel.

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2 Responses to 4th day of nanowrimo

  1. Ann Trenda says:

    You have me drawn in…very intersting topic/plot. Keep up the good work, Joe!

    I once studied at The Loft on Washington Ave……have you every attended any seminars there? One idea I came away with that was so helpful when writing….. Spend time working on creating a list of unusual descriptive words that would apply to the topic you are writing about. Then refer to the list often instead of racking your brain for new words. Could do the same with words that describe or pertain to a charachter, and then refer to that pre-made list when writing.

    Look forward to seeing you tonight,

  2. Tom Foley says:

    I know the problem. You need to fuel up at Kieran’s! That should get the creative juices flowing.

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