#notmypresident – really?

It seems people across the country are out in the streets protesting the election results.    It is perfectly reasonable to be unhappy or happy with the results of an election, but to deny the result without any claim of fraud or impropriety in the election is denying the American public their right to vote.

Neither of the major parties were able to get a majority of the votes so it is clear that neither candidate was seen as good by most people.  I think it is fair to say that most voters saw both candidates as very bad choices and voted for one primarily to ensure the other one did not get in.

In any case, the election was held properly and the winner was Trump.  He is now our president elect and protests won’t change that.  I did not vote for him (I did a write in for a new startup party) but I will recognize him as my president and respect the office if not the person.  Had Clinton won, I would have had to do the same.

It’s time to be Americans rather than partisan democrats or republicans or libertarians or whatever other party it may be.

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5 Responses to #notmypresident – really?

  1. Norene Millner says:

    The majority of the population who bothered to vote—-did Not vote for trump! The electorial college is obsolete. We no longer get our news from 6 month old papers or pony express……it’s time to up date things 🙂

    • justjoe says:

      You are right! Let’s see if we can get that changed before the next election.
      However, the last election is done and we will have to work in the environment that we have until the next election.

  2. Norene Millner says:

    More than true he is going to be our president & I hope he gets as much respect as president Obama got 🙂

  3. Saying “Not my president” means we are taking a moral stance against the atrocities the Trump administration will commit. So before you let some sociopath hold a magnet above your moral compass and convince you that Trump is your president regardless how you feel about it. Just remember what that really means to you.

    • justjoe says:

      I am curious about what you are calling “moral atrocities”. I am also curious about how you see any president holding a magnet over my moral compass. I don’t believe any president in the history of the US or any other government leader has the right or ability to affect my moral compass in any way.

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