I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on Yahoo news stories.  It amazed and saddened me that there are so many people who are so full of hate.  It didn’t matter what the subject of the story was, the majority of the comments were full of obscenities (masked with many *** embedded in them) all of them hating whatever the story was about.  If it was a political story then the Democrats hated the Republicans and vice versa.  The nonvoters were the worst; they just hated everybody.  If it was a story about a religious figure there were hundreds of comments condemning them regardless of the religion they were with or the subject of the story.  If it was about anything Islamic the comments were frighteningly vitriolic.

If there is a story about a faithful dog or a rescued pet, the comments are sweet to the extent of being syrupy.  But a story about anything human engenders the hate comments.  It is so sad that humans have found reasons to hate other humans for as long as we have any historical records.

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