The Best Christmas Present

Every Christmas many people scramble to pick out the perfect gift for their loved ones and others (or not) and, in spite of all their efforts, many presents end up in the trash soon after Christmas.  I am an especially hard person to buy for because I have pretty much everything I want.  I am not wealthy but I do have enough retirement income that I can live a comfortable life and I am a firm believer in simple living so picking out a useful present for me can be very hard.

This Christmas though, my granddaughter Jenny bought a pile of basic living supplies (warm socks, soap, shampoo, etc.) and put them in plastic bags with a paper saying:

“Here’s a Blessing Bag For You”

“You may be down on your luck right now, but let this little bag remind you that you are worth so much.  That there are people who care about you.  That there is always hope.  That you are beautiful. And that Jesus can always sustain you.  I will be praying for you!  Have a lovely day.”

So I received a gift of a wonderful, blessed granddaughter and a gift of joy that I get when I give the bag to someone who needs it.  It couldn’t be better!

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