Amazing Discovery!

Our scientists are working hard to learn how the world works.  However, sometimes they need to have a little direction.  A news story from Reuters reported that a team of 100 scientists have mapped the entire genome of the centipede!  What an amazing and valuable discovery!  Did you know that they have many legs and no eyes? Oh, I guess you could tell that without mapping the genome.

I wonder if any of those 100 scientists ever thought that it might be a better use of their time to map the genome of the ebola virus so a cure could be found.  I guess a few thousand African lives are not important enough to deter them from their amazing centipede discoveries.

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3 Responses to Amazing Discovery!

  1. Norene says:

    I am sorry I haven’t been checking in I will try to be better in the future

  2. Carlos Valdés says:

    a bit of unsolicited advice:
    They should have made their task 50 times easier by just mapping the genome of a biped. 😉
    A team of 100 scientists, let me guess: one for each foot…again, the biped needs only a team of 2… 😉
    A final quest. How many things scientist should be doing instead of some big corporate projects?
    And again, how many able people should be doing science instead of making money?

    • justjoe says:

      Good questions Carlos! I can’t imagine what the 100 scientists were doing. I would think they would be getting in each others way when there are that many on a single project. But, I would still like to see many scientists doing a lot of research. It would be much better for the world if we could get all of the soldiers to do productive work rather than fighting. Then we may have more opportunities to get good things from the work of the scientists.

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