What’s wrong with this picture?


What’s wrong with the priorities in this country?  In almost every state in the country, the highest public employee is a coach? And Minnesota??  Top TWO are both coaches?

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2 Responses to What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Mark Palaske says:

    Nice map.. Not really surprising when we live in a country where a tall kid who can throw a ball through a hoop makes 10,000 times more money than a nuclear physicist…
    Joe, just another question.. I’m doing well with WordPress and I know that what I’m writing now is a comment about something that you said. Is there the possibility on your site to “Post” something completely new or different?

  2. Noah Ayrman says:

    How about New Hampshire, eh? I mean, the Hispanics got baseball, the Blacks got football AND basketball, the Koreans (chicks) got golf.. Hell Hockey’s the only sport left for white boys who say “eh” and eat their chips with vinegar! (Twitter – @NoahAyrman)

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