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What’s wrong with this picture?

  What’s wrong with the priorities in this country?  In almost every state in the country, the highest public employee is a coach? And Minnesota??  Top TWO are both coaches?

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Lying in Politics Hits a New High

I found a first person story about what The “Affordable” health care act is doing – It is amazing how Obama and crew will throw out lie after lie to push through their pet project.  This looks like it … Continue reading

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An #Acrostic Poem

  I thought I would try my hand at writing an acrostic poem.  Not being much of a poet, I didn’t expect much but I really like what came out. Grandson Growing bigger, stronger each day Running, jumping, that’s how … Continue reading

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Uncle Henry’s Ghost

I have been chastised by my most faithful reader, “Enough of your crazy ranting!  I want something fun to read.” Actually, she was much nicer than that but I did get the message.  Here, in atonement, is one of my … Continue reading

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#Healthcare Humor?

Hooray!  Two people have successfully registered for #Obamacare and the Associated Press reports that the Obama team is all smiles – Two wins and a bazillion losses seems like pretty low standards for celebration.  I hope the health care … Continue reading

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