#Government Idiocy

It looks like the kids in Washington (two year olds, I would guess) are at it again.  The American people, the good of the country, right and wrong – it is all forgotten in favor of positioning the parties for the next election.  The idea of being an American has been lost in favor of being a democrat or a republican.

There was an email a while ago about ownership rules for two year olds –
If I have it, it’s  mine.
If I want it, it’s mine.
If I see it, it’s mine
If you have it, it’s mine.
and so on.  Well, the prez and all of the congress are in exactly that mode.  –  I want the next election and if I don’t get it I’ll hold my breath until you turn blue!  Maybe they’re not two year olds; even a two year old knows if they hold their breath, they will turn blue, not you.  But, our kids in Washington will shut everything off, even the things that are not costing anything, until we all suffer enough.  Then the campaigning starts – Look what the (democrats/republicans) did, vote them out!

My wish, only a wish since it won’t happen  – Fire every one of them, the president down to the last representative and hold emergency elections.  And there would be special rules for this election –

  1. No federal level incumbent is allowed to run regardless of what office they held or want.
  2. No current or past political party official is allowed to run for any office.
  3. Not more than 10% of the candidates can be lawyers.
  4. None of them could serve more than two terms, ever.
  5. No campaign can spend more than $1 million and pacs are all illegal.

Who knows, with an election like that, we may get back to being a real functioning democracy.

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  1. Joy Lennick says:

    Sir, You write so fluently and well, it is a pleasure to read your wise/amusing words. It is a refreshing change after some of the questionable/pedestrian and occasional rubbish I come across. I am no intellectual and my education suffered during WWII, but I did my ‘A’ level Lit at the age of 63 and continue to learn something interesting /informative each day. I am fascinated by people and their complexities. Although an ‘unknown’ I have had four books published: the last being a Memoir: ‘My Gentle War’ (Amazon & Kindle) and have just finished my first faction novel, based on the 2005 London train bombings called ‘The Catalyst’ soon to be published by WordPlay. I’m now ancient (but mentally around forty!) Good luck with your future writings. Sincerely Joy Lennick

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