Letter to my Congressman

I was asked by my representative, John Kline, where I stood on the issue of attacking Syria.  My response to him is below.  Everyone in this country should be writing to their congressional representatives and senators and the president to let them know how their constituency feels.

I would like to see us proceed with the greatest caution.  From my perspective, Syria is a battle between two forces that seem to be equally bad.  We should not ignore the use of chemical weapons but also we should not be supporting very bad elements on either side.

If there is a way to prevent further use of these weapons without fighting for either side, we should use that way.  In no case would I support attacking Syria (either side) to ensure that the president doesn’t lose face in the world.  If he is a real leader, he should be able to change direction and show the world why he is doing it and how the new direction will help.

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