Curious Financial Report

I recently saw a news article about the sad state of the fast food chains.  McDonalds is suffering with a quarterly growth rate of just 1%.  Burger King and Wendy’s were only about half of that.  They are all desperately working on plans to boost sales.

What seems curious to me is that a one percent quarterly growth is roughly a four percent annual growth and their growth can only come from more people eating there and/or people eating more food at each visit.  Now, the population of the USA is growing at a little less than 1% per year and the entire world growth rate is only a little over 2%.

So, if they have to grow at more than 4% per year to be happy and the possible customer base is growing at 1 or 2 percent, depending on how they see their customer base, then they have to sell food to every man, woman and child on earth in a few decades.  Or, they have to sell more and more food to the same customers.

So, will the world be unified by the fast food chains forcing all wars to end and social behavior to change so they can sell everywhere?  Or will the current customer base keep getting fatter?  Clearly, if you project this further into the future, both scenarios must occur.

I can just see it – a century from now the population of the entire world will be so fat they will be unable to move.  Robots will carry the food to them and feed them.  Children will be produced in laboratories and raised by robots.  Corporate executives will be fatter than the rest of the population but will still need robots to care for them.  Of course, their robots will be silver or gold plated depending on their status.

Finally the robots will get smart enough to realize they don’t need the people and the process ends.  Cockroaches and rats will repopulate the world.

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