Our #English Language Again

Do you remember studying punctuation and hating it?  Where should you use a comma?  When do you use a semicolon?  It all seems kind of silly until you see something like these little poems by Mary Youngquist.

The Pessimist                                                                              The Optimist

That deep red rose – I see its thorn.       That deep red rose I see, its thorn I just ignore.
I just ignore the scent that’s borne.       The scent that’s borne to me – it’s nothing I deplore
To me it’s nothing.  I deplore                  Those scratches that I got – Before I just complain
those scratches that I got before.            about the pain a lot, I think of beauty’s gain
I just complain about the pain.
A lot I think of beauty’s gain.

They both have the same words but what an amazing difference in the story.   Now go back and study your punctuation rules!  Or perhaps I could say, “Now go back and study.  Your punctuation rules!”


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  1. Norene says:

    good one, but the net must have dropped a line on my end. 🙁

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