Your #Tax Dollars at Work

Once more I am amazed at what the government does and is PROUD about doing.  Minnesota is spending $121 million dollars on the new health care program.  This is not to pay insurance premiums, provide health care or pay for medications.  It is entirely for outreach to the 458,000 uninsured in the state to try to get them signed up for insurance.  That’s about $250 per uninsured person to convince them to sign up for something that is supposed to help them AND, they are required to sign up for by the new law.

If this was the only money spent this way, I could shake my head, moan about government waste and move on.  But no, this is in addition to the $1 billion already set aside for promotion of the new program.  There is a monumental amount of money being spent to get people to do something they are required to do.  I don’t recall the IRS spending a billion dollars on PR to get people to pay their taxes as required by law.  If you don’t pay, they come an get you and it seems the new health care law has similar enforcement options.

Who is getting all this money and is anybody watching?

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