Another reason to never shop at #Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has great prices, right?  Sure they pay their employees peanuts and rely on government aid programs for food, rent assistance and health coverage.

From the Daily Ticker – “As Wal-Mart (WMT) shareholders meet at the company’s annual meeting, a recent report contends the country’s largest private employer relies on taxpayer-funded benefit programs to subsidize its low wages. In other words, since many Wal-Mart employees aren’t paid enough to subsist they have to rely on public programs like Medicaid and food stamps for basic needs.”

What a bargain! In addition to hiding part of their prices in your taxes, they degrade their employees and make them feel worthless.  I know I won’t save a few pennies at Wal-Mart just pay them to the government while making my neighbors feel like slaves.

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5 Responses to Another reason to never shop at #Wal-Mart

  1. Norene says:

    thank you Sasha, I had been told it was only for full time people.

  2. sasha says:

    You get health care as a part time employee…the only difference is it doesn’t cover your spouse and it probably has more limitations on what’s covered

  3. Norene says:

    There is health care at the casino and Wal-Mart…if you are full time.

  4. justjoe says:

    Right! So what do the people do there for health care and for raising a family? The casino and Wal-Mart are both making the state pay for their employees?

  5. Norene says:

    Interesting, Wal-Mart is one of the only places around here where people can make monies—-as a matter of fact; people leave the casino and go to wal-mart. Must tell you something about the casino… LOL

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