Solving the Worlds Problems

Wow!  The US military just put $2 billion dollar submarine into service.   See the story at

I’m sure the Al Quaida guys will stop all of their attacks now.  Or is it Kim Jong Un who will be so afraid?  Probably not.  It seems like we are still fighting the cold war but we ran out of enemies.  No matter, keep those multi-billion dollar ships coming.

What if that money was used a different way.  Two billion dollars could give every taxpayer a one-time refund of about $30 –  not too bad.  Or, it could cover the entire cost of the SNAP program for about ten days – not too bad either.   Or, every college student in the country could have $100 paid toward their tuition – also not too bad.

That is just the cost of one ship.  The lists of new ships and better uses of funds could go on and on but, our government thinks it’s more important to build big scary ships than to make the world a better place.  So forget about the taxpayers, the hungry and the students and salute the new weapons.


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