What is wrong with us?

In a story from Yahoo news – “Two high school football players are accused of sexual assault. Their fellow students take to social media to defend the pair, taunting and blaming the victims. An athletic director brushes aside the allegations—along with separate hazing, felony robbery and assault charges against the school’s athletes—as “not any different than any other community.” Administrators are reluctant to immediately address the accusations and make it appear like a coverup.”  ( http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/torrington-steubenville-rape-assault-victim-twitter-163530296.html )

Does this sound like the recent story about Stuebenville?  Well, it is actually another school now. Is this common to high schools?  Is it typical that high school (and college, and professional) athletes are above the law?  Since when is it ok that athletes can rape and pillage while an Eagle scout gets suspended because his scout knife was visible in his parked and locked car in the school parking lot?

I think high schools and colleges should have a ten year moratorium on school supported athletics.  For ten years – no interschool games of any kind.  Then, when the mortorium ends, never permit athletics to regain the importance it has today.

Schools are supposed to be concerned with teaching students and today there is much more they must learn in their school years, yet the athletic activities seem to dominate all school concerns.  Our country is losing its position as world leader of innovation.  We are importing people from India, China, Japan and other countries to fill our need for engineers,researchers, doctors and other skilled professions.

Let’s forget about sports for a while and focus on raising a generation that can return our country to the leadership position it used to have.

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