From “News of the wierd” Saturday February 23 –

“An estimated 3.2 million  kids ages 5 to 12 take mixed-martial arts classes, and some are training to administer beatdowns modeled after the adults’ Ultimate Fighting Championships, according to a January report in ESPN magazine.  The magazine profiled the swaggering, mohawked Derek “Crazy” Rayfield, 11, and the meek , doll-clutching fighting machine, Regina “The Black Widow” Awana, 7.

Kids under 12 fight each other without regard to gender.  Blows above the collarbone are prohibited, along with attacks on the groin, kidneys and back.  “Crazy” was described delivering merciless forearm chest smashes to a foe before the referee intervened, and The Black Widow won her match in less than a minute via arm-bar submission.  Parental involvement appears to be of two types; either fear of their child’s getting hurt or encouragement to be meaner.”

Really?  How is it possible that these so-called adults (parents, referees, spectators) are not arrested for child abuse and all parents lose their parental rights?  If this happend at a playground or a school, the police would be called and people would be arrested.  How is it possible that a well known media source, ESPN, actually publishes and glorifies this sub-human behavior?

In a world that is so plagued with violence, we actually have people training their children to be more violent, pushing them to hurt others as much as they can.  If there was ever a case for forced sterilization, these parents would be it.  I don’t know where this is actually occurring but I am definitely writing to my congressmen to launch an investigation and, hopefully, pass laws banning this with very severe penalties for parents who abuse their children like this.  I encourage all of you to do the same.

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