Health care cost control

One of the most important parts of a government sponsored health care plan should be cost control and there is nothing in the Obama plan that does this.  A recent research project tried to determine what a standard procedure (hip replacement surgery) would cost from different hospitals.  See–finance.html for the full story.

They were unable to get an estimate from a number of the hospitals and the estimates they were able to get ranged from $11,000 to $126,000!  So, is the low cost one doing a bait-and-switch?  Is the high priced one simply robbing people because they can?  Are some hospitals so poorly run that their costs are more than eleven times as much as the more efficient places?  What is a reasonable cost for this procedure?

And then the big question  – what is our government going to do about this?  Pay whatever is billed?  (I can see a million dollar appendectomy coming soon).  Force all hospitals to accept the lowest payment?  (A lot of hospitals go out of business).  Government takes over all hospitals and provides services directly (cost goes up quality and service go down).

Maybe implementation of the federal health care program should be delayed until somebody works out a reasonable way to manage the situation.  Oh, I forgot, emperor Obama says this is the way it will be.


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