Happiness Index???

I just read that our government is thinking about trying to measure and then publish a “happiness index”.  Wow!  I can just imagine the runup to the next election.  The government will pass out free pot to everyone in the country to get the happiness index up.

In my experience, happiness can only come from inside of a person, unless you count a drug induced stupor as happiness.    People can be rich and either happy or unhappy.  People can be celebrities with fame and fortune and be happy or unhappy.  People can be sick and dying and be happy or unhappy.

But happiness from the government??  Bad or good, no government can make you happy.   You may feel a moment of pleasure when you get a big tax refund but there is no real happiness there.  Look at the winners of big lotteries.  Those who were happy before they won are generally still happy.  Those who were unhappy before they won are still unhappy.

Happiness comes from living your life in alignment with Gods wishes.  For the athiests, live your life in harmony with the universe.  You may be rich or poor, healthy or sick, strong or weak, but you will have joy and happiness in your life.


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