National Day of Mourning

Forty years ago today our supreme court decided it was ok to kill people for convenience sake.  Since then, over 50 million have been killed.  Now, our emperor in training, Barack Obama, says that we taxpayers must pay the cost of performing these murders.

How can a nation that was built on the concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness be the the same nation that says it’s ok to take millions of lives and even those who object to it must pay for it, and the murders cause widespread misery and sorrow?   There is very little “life, liberty or happiness” in that.  Even the “Roe” of Roe vs. Wade later converted to Catholocism and became a strong pro-life advocate.

Abortion is only “good” for the people wh0 have lost all traces of compassion, love and basic humanity.  Everyone else who has undergone this procedure has later been wracked with guilt and sorrow.

This is a very sad day for an otherwise great nation.  I hope and pray the the murder will end soon.

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