What are Those Kids Doing There?

Last summer, I was visiting with friends in northern Wisconsin for a few days.  One day we decided to go exploring the area, visiting some spots they had not seen before.  On the local map we saw a lake that they didn’t know existed and we decided to try to find it.  It was off the end of a dead end road that came off of a small township road that was back in the woods – really hidden away.

We drove to the turn that went into the dead end road that we saw on the map and stopped to talk the situation over.  The road was little more than two tire tracks with no place to turn around if we wanted to get out.  With more than a little consternation, we decided to drive in; the lake was at least a mile down the dubious road from where we were and we didn’t want to walk that far.

A couple of hundred yards in, a driveway turned off toward a house back in the woods.  The road continued beyond the driveway but now it was just two very narrow and overgrown tracks.  We got out of the car and walked up the road for a short distance and, seeing fresh tire tracks, we decided to drive on.

After what seemed like an hour of driving through deep ruts and scraping branches on both sides, we came to a clearing and the end of the road.  We could see open water a few hundred feet ahead and a small dog was running around the clearing.  We stopped and got out to look around and see if the little dog was with someone.

As we walked toward the lake, we saw movement in the brush on the side of the clearing.  Two children, a boy about seven or eight and a girl who was maybe four, walked timidly into the open.  From the look of their clothes, I was guessing they were the only clothes they owned.  The boys hair looked like it had been cut with a scissor and the little girls hair might have never been cut.  Both needed combing.


This far the story is true but now the imagination begins.  Why are they there?  Is anyone with them?  Do they need help?  I will provide a few different endings to the story over the next few days.  Let me know what you think of them. – True or not?  Interesting?  Troubling?  Scary?

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