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I just read that approximately $2.6 billion was spent on the presidential election.  Imagine if every US citizen were sent a paper with the candidates names, party affiliation, position and personal beliefs and no other campaigning was done.

There would be about 300 million ecstatically happy Americans who would not be suffering through months of public political bashing and there would be two and a half billion dollars to feed the poor or reduce college expenses or  reduce health care costs or save homeowners from foreclosure or support business startups or, or, or….

Then if we did the same thing with the congressional elections and the state and local elections, we would have ten times as much money to use for good purposes.   I would certainly like to see my money used to build a school or save a family home than to fund a political campaign.

If only the people elected to office had the courage to reform campaign spending.  Unfortunately power corrupts, and as soon as someone is elected their goals seem to change.  Being reelected becomes more important than any of the issues the talked about in their campaigns.

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