News from the Department of Homeland Paranoia!

The latest newsflash-NewsFlash the $100 million security system around JFK airport failed to detect a person entering the airport grounds improperly but the alert officers quickly arrested the man after he walked across two runways and into the terminal.  Whew, I’m relieved to hear that my taxes are working so well.

The guy was jet skiing when his machine failed.  He swam to the only land he could see – the lighted grounds of JFK airport.  I can just imagine the conversation when they arrested him –

“On the ground! Now!!  You’re under arrest for endangering the security of the United States!”

From the floor, “But I was just trying to get help.  I would have drowned out there.”

“Shut up!  You’re lucky our high tech security system didn’t work or we would have shot you when you touched the fence.  Now you’ll just go to jail, you dirty terrorist.”

“What about my jet ski?”

“The navy just torpedoed it.  You’ll be billed for the cost of the torpedo.”

“Oh jeez, what about my buddies?  They were out there somewhere.”

“What??  There are more terrorists out there?”

The officer quickly pulls out his radio, “Quick, call out the airforce.  There are more terrorists out in Jamaica bay.”


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