I’m in the wrong business

I just read a report that a university professor has been awarded a $5 million grant to study life after death. He is actually offering a for-credit class on it! This is not a theology class, it’s a University of California class. There will be people graduating from UC with a part of their credits coming from this. In one of his comments about the study he says “One thing that we’ll study is whether human beings would want to live forever: would it be boring?” I think the professor has the imagination of a garden slug except when it comes to getting big grants.
Five million to pretend to be a medium. He can’t be wrong regardless of what he says. He doesn’t have to demonstrate any scientific study nor can there be any scientific rigor to the work. How cool is that – babble away about your far fetched ideas and get five million dollars. Even the bankers and lawyers don’t make money that easily.
It’s no wonder that college degrees have become so expensive.

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3 Responses to I’m in the wrong business

  1. Norene says:

    boy, I went wrong some place also, 5 mil. I could invent a lot of stories for that.

  2. justjoe says:

    Maybe we could start a research project together

  3. Norene says:

    Oh, I know quite a few people who have experienced ‘paranormal’ things—–starting with me. You can pick my brain ANY time. Then Jodi’s, then Val’s. The next ‘really unusual’ one, is deceased —————so no luck there. Can you line up the grant??? LOL

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