And now the lawyers follow the shooter

Lawsuits begin in wake of shooting

A news item I just saw – “Torrence Brown Jr., one of the Aurora movie shooting survivors, is planning on suing the theater, confirmed his family’s publicist  (his family has a publicist?) on Wednesday. ‘We’re going to make sure whoever is accountable is going to take responsibility for this tragedy,’ Cassandra Williams of Wet PR said”

Before the blood has dried the lawyers are attacking like a pack of hyenas after an injured animal.  Sue the theater, certainly it’s their fault that a madman shot everyone?  No, sue the theater because the madman has no money.  If ninety percent of the lawyers in this country got a real job we would all be so much better off.

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  1. Maham says:

    The US is a common law corunty. This jurisdiction determines that its legal system is an open one, judges would differentiate different facts of the cases and make decisions. China is a civil law corunty. It is a rather closed system in that judges are to interpret the codes. The civil law system itself provides less flexibility and more certainty, while the common law system is on the opposite.Also, China is still at rule by law stage, where law is an instrument and at the service of the state, where as the US is a rule of law corunty, where the laws are at the services of everyone, including the state. Typically, judges in a rule of law society take a very big role.Another reason why there are so many lawsuits in the US is contingent fees. In the US, lawyers can work on this basis, ie they do not get paid unless they win the case, and if they are successful, they may get up to 1/3 of the award. I’m not sure whether this exists in China.

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