Political Parties?

It used to be that the Democrats presented themselves as the party for the working man and the Republicans were the party of business, executives and professionals.  This was a nice arrangement since it provided voters with two choices at election time.

However, it is getting more and more difficult to tell one party from another today.  Recently, Barack Obama had a party with a group of very wealthy supporters in California and raised $15 million.  Nancy Pelosi was just quoted by the press as bragging about raising even more money that the rich and powerful Republicans.  Here in Minnesota, our Democrat governor jsut signed off on a bill to provide half a billion dollars of state money to build a stadium for a very rich man will become much richer from it and the state will get nothing.

It looks to me like we have one party for a group of businessmen, executives and professionals and another party for a different group of businessmen, executives and professionals.  The average working man has no one even pretending to watch out for them.

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