Crazy Lawsuits

“When one Michigan woman had her car repossessed, there apparently was still a half-tank of gas still in the car. So what did the woman do? Why, she sued for $5 million, of course!” (from Legal Reform)  Clearly the attorney representing the woman in this case has less ethics than a wood tick.

The nation is all wound up about health care reform but no one is looking at legal reform.  Crazy lawsuits like the one above are the reason that doctors and hospitals must carry extremely expensive liability insurance.  They are a part of the reason for the extremely high cost of prescription drugs.  They are behind the abundance of excessive tests doctors order to avoid any risk of losing one of the lawsuits.

If we simply reform healthcare by having the government manage it, the lawsuits will only increase (remember, many of our senators and representatives and essentially all judges are attorneys) since no one will be watching.  Let’s all let our senators and representatives know that we want to see legal reform tied into any health care reform.  Lawyers who demonstrate a complete lack of ethics should be disbarred.

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