Science or Politics?

As you probably know, there has been a dramatic increase in autism in the past few years. Many scientists are searching for causes and treatments but nothing firm has been found yet. There have been some corrrelations observed between environment and behaviors and the occurance of autism such as increases in air pollution and obesity of the mother while carrying the fetus. But, a correlation is not a proof; it is an observation that some link may exist and it generally triggers a rigorous study to determine if the correlation is causal or coincidental.
However in one observed correlation with autism, further study is not only nonexistant, it is de facto banned from any funded study.  There is a clearly observable correlation to the change of certain vaccines and autism. These vaccines used to use animal cells in the production process. The process was changed to use human fetal cells at the same time that the spike in autism cases occured. See Autism for more explanation.
The only possible reason for the de facto ban is political.  It seems that our political leaders and many of our educators refuse to even examine the possibility of a negative side effect of using fetal cells.  It has never made sense for politics to direct science and it certainly is inappropriate in this case.

Is there no organization in the world that has the courage to stand up to political forces and advance true scientific rigor in this case?

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  1. Lal says:

    Actually, chelation is being used to treat more than the mreucry the thought is that our kids can’t get rid of many of the heavy metals to which they are exposed. This includes lead, molybdenum, arsenic, copper, etc. Most people can stand some exposure to these things and filter them through their bodies, but a lot of these kids can’t.Every child I know except 1 who has done chelation with a knowledgeable and cautious M.D. has seen enormous success. If done properly, and preceeded by dietary changes and getting the body as healthy as possible, it’s amazing what can happen.

  2. Mannir says:

    young mothers have a gretaer risk of having low birth weight babies (under 18), older mothers have a gretaer risk of having babies with chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome (35+). Some studies have shown that there is an IQ correlation where kids with older parents have higher IQ’s.

  3. Daron Henson says:

    @ Joe – On “Science or Politics” – I enjoy reading about pressing issues facing our country such as your discussion on autism. I have heard of the alarming statistics, but I know the reason for the alarming rise in cases has not yet been explained.

  4. The other day they were saying it was due to weight gain during pregnancy. I think they need to dig a bit deeper.

  5. Norene says:

    2 weeks ago they were saying the man was ‘too old’, and mercury as a suspensioon agent (no longer used) was also to blame.

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