General Strike!

How lucky!  I’m here in Barcelona for four days to start a company up and today the country has a general strike.  I’m not exactly sure what a general strike is supposed to be but, so far, it looks like an excuse for a party.  Many businesses will be closed or severly cut back but the bars and restaurants are open and doing a booming business.

Groups of people were gathering here and there carrying signs and, from a distance, looking threatening.  But up close, they were laughing and talking like any people might at the start of a holiday.

I was trying to get an idea of what they wanted to accomplish with the strike but the answers were vague.  It seemed to me that they really just wanted to yell at the government and tell them they are a bunch of bumbling idiots.  Maybe we should do that in the States.  But then we would need to do it every day for months to get the message to all levels of government that need it.

Oh well, it seems like a good idea to have a party once in a while.  Let’s do a general strike once a month but require all bars and restaurants to stay open.

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