General strike growing

The general strike here in Barcelona started with a few people gathering to talk abouth the government.  It has become a little too exciting for me.  A couple of hours ago sirens could be heard from every direction.  We went to the window and saw police with billy clubs chasing groups of people.  There were clouds of smoke rising from somewhere behind the buildings across the street.  In a few minutes it seemed to calm down so I decide to walk back to the hotel and spend the rest of the day there.

On the way back I saw that people had hauled the city rubbish ccontainers into the intersections and set them on fire.  The fires were already out but cars couldn’t get through the piles of rubble left behind.

After a few blocks the intersections were open again and the streets were choked with cars.  The usual aggressive Barcelona was exceptionally bad.  It looked like everyone who could get a car moving was trying to get out of the city.

Back at the hotel I was told the restaurant would not be open for dinner and I am not going out after the strikers have been drinking all day.  It looks like dinner will be from the mini bar tonight, a ounce of peanuts for five dollars and a small candy bar for just 2.50.  I think I’ll be on a diet tonight.


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  1. Norene says:

    WOW!!! It’s a good thing you are only there for a week, at least you’ll get food on the plane!! can’t imagine Barcelona being like that 🙁

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