I’m back in Barcelona working again.  The working part I could do without but it’s so nice to be back.  Twelve hours of travel and four hours of meetings can’t dull the excitement of coming back.  My first stop, after work of course,  is Flann O’Briens, a grungy little Irish pub buried in a small side street.  The streets are crowded with people hurrying home after work or hurrying out for the evening.   So many people are smiling, laughing and talking.  The excitement is palpable but it is just an ordinary Tuesday evening.

Now prepared with a pint of Guiness and a familiar spot, I am ready for anything.  The blog first then into the novel.

Tomorrow I meet the investors, the men who put up big piles of money because of my idea.   I have to convince them they are not wasting their money.  What an ego trip!  Fortunately, they are making a good investment so I can let the excitement flow and not worry about misleading them.

Seriously though, Anton, Sisco, Ferran and I are back together and more of the old team is waiting to join.  All of  them are excited about the new opportunity.  These next few days will be very interesting. good or bad I’m not sure but definitely interesting.

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2 Responses to Barcelona

  1. The Casket says:

    I couldn’t help but smile when I first opened your blog. I am trying to write a short story set in Barcelona and it is proving a struggle. Finding yoru blog has cheered me up and will spur me on to finish. Thanks.

  2. Norene says:

    this is happy news and a happy place, you can’t ask for more 🙂

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