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General strike growing

The general strike here in Barcelona started with a few people gathering to talk abouth the government.  It has become a little too exciting for me.  A couple of hours ago sirens could be heard from every direction.  We went … Continue reading

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General Strike!

How lucky!  I’m here in Barcelona for four days to start a company up and today the country has a general strike.  I’m not exactly sure what a general strike is supposed to be but, so far, it looks like … Continue reading

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I just want a shower!

Hotels, it seems, believe that the complexity of the shower controls should have a direct relationship to the quality of the room.  Stay in an inexpensive chain motel in the US and the shower control will be one simple handle.  They … Continue reading

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I’m back in Barcelona working again.  The working part I could do without but it’s so nice to be back.  Twelve hours of travel and four hours of meetings can’t dull the excitement of coming back.  My first stop, after … Continue reading

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Back to Work

After a year away from technology, I am getting back into it, although at a less demanding involvement than I had in the past.  I will be in business meetings in Spain all of this week so, for a while, there … Continue reading

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I just attended an Emmaus retreat .  This was a truly amazing experience.  I highly recommend it to every man and woman regardless of their faith.

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Ignorant Hyperbole

In the Sunday, March 18 Minneapolis Star Tribune column written by Bonnie Blodgett, she has condemned newspapers, the state of Texas and many of the religious people of this country and the rest of the world as being hypocrites.  It … Continue reading

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Great Music!

Yesterday, I was at a performance of The Messiah and once again I realized that this is one of the best compositions ever written.  Then to make it better, it was performed by Exultate, probably the best choral groups in … Continue reading

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Fixing the World

The world has had poverty and greed, war and famine and all of the assorted social ills that plague us today, since the earliest proto-humans walked the earth.  When the first religions and governments were being formed, a general awareness … Continue reading

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