On the Road – one more day

After two long days of driving, I was not excited about spending another day behind the wheel, but we can’t just stay in New Mexico.  We were up early and on the road by eight.  We cruised through the New Mexico high country with no problems.  The scenery was beautiful and the weather was great.

By mid afternoon we were in Arizona.  The high country near Flagstaff is also beautiful.  There are pine forests and there is still snow there.  We turned south at Flagstaff and headed for Phoenix.  Five minutes later, we came up on cars and trucks stopped in both lanes.  We stopped at the end of the line of cars and waited.

A few minutes later a man came walking up the side of the highway.  I stepped out and asked what was happening.

“There’s a huge accident eight miles up the road.  They’re flying a helicopter in to transport  the people who are hurt.  It sounds like we’re gonna be here for a while.”

We got that message at about four-thirty and we had been planning to arrive in Phoenix in time for dinner.  We sat there with the engine off for another two hours.  Then, once movement started, we were just creeping along until we passed the accident scene.  Finally, at nine PM, we stopped the car at Joe’s house.

We made it.

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