On the Road – Again

It seems like I always make one little mistake when we do a trip.  This time I read the maps wrong.  I was planning a long drive on the first day and then taking it easier on the next two.  Well, the first day was six and one half hours of driving time for a total of about eight hours door to door.  The second, easier day, turned out to be almost ten hours.

We started in eastern Kansas and drove west.  We went southwest through Kansas, then west across Oklahoma, through the Texas panhandle and on to Tucumcari New Mexico.  To make it more interesting, as we were driving through Texas, a small but very heavy thunderstorm hit.  It poured so hard the wipers could barely keep up.  Then as we drove out from under a bridge, we ran into a small river flowing across the highway.  It was several inches deep and flowing very fast, fast enough that it started to push the car sideways toward the median.  Fortunately that only lasted a few seconds so, with a little swerving and fishtailing, I held the road.  The storm quickly faded away and were treated a beautiful sunset.

Today is supposed to be easier but I just checked the map and it looks like nine hours of drive time today.  At least the weather shoulld be good.  Next time someone else can plan the driving since I am obviously incapable of such a difficult task.

It’s not too bad though, I have the best travelling companion in the world, my loving wife Judy.

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  1. norene says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are OK. my angels guide you on your map:)

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