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The Wisdom of the TSA

Have you ever had the TSA agent at the airport force you to throw away a fingernail clipper or a bottle of water?  When I was traveling frequently, I complained about the TSA to the extent that friends and family … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Snowy Day

After living in Minnesota all of my life, I never thought I would be happy about a snowy day in January.  By this time the winter is really getting tiresome.  The holidays are past, the snowbanks are towering over the … Continue reading

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One Nation Under God

In an email discussion group where I participate, a comment came up objecting to the words “under God” in our pledge of allegiance.   I responded “Recognizing God (generically, no specific religion) is recognizing the very reason of our existence.  It … Continue reading

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Gardening season is here!

Having a garden is the best activity in the world for fighting the mid-winter depression that hits in January.  I planted the geranium seeds and the first ones broke the surface today.  My garden is started!

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New Novel

The novel I wrote for Nanowrimo in November is almost ready to be released.  The opening pages are here.  Let me know if you would keep reading. “What are we going to do?” Julia asked between sobs. “We can’t just … Continue reading

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Project Homeless Connect

Another Project Homeless Connect has been completed and the results are amazing! On-site Services: 2,154 connections 988 people received a voucher for a free state ID or a birth certificate. 482 people received a free haircut. 272 people received a … Continue reading

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Marketing works! (sometimes)

I have been working on marketing my books for several months and the results have been virtually nothing.  I got a Facebook author page and a Facebook page for each book.  I signed up on Twitter and I have nearly … Continue reading

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Great coffee, restaurant and music

I just stopped in at The Nicollet for lunch today and met Jeremy Konency.  Jeremy grew up with our boys and spent many hours at our house. It was great to see him in his new business. The place is … Continue reading

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Free Short Stories

My short story collection Twisted Minds is free today at Amazon. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get free Kindle software for your PC at Amazon.

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Back to the writing

I’m trying to be a real marketer now (that’s scary). My short story collection, Twisted Minds, is going on promotion at Amazon from January 5 through the 8th. You can get it free, not borrow, not a rental – you … Continue reading

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