Wonderful Christmas

What a day!  Yesterday we had sixteen adults and eleven children under ten years old in our house at the same time.  Only four people from our entire extended family couldn’t make it to the celebration.  There were multiple presents under the tree for every person.  There was food enough to feed everyone two meals and provide leftovers for the next two weeks.

We opened presents with great enthusiasm, excitement and noise.  We ate and drank and talked and laughed and generally had the best Christmas that could be imagined.  I got almost everything I could have wanted and I got some presents as well.

After the sun went down and the children started getting tired, people began to leave for their own homes and a good nights sleep.  We were down to the last few guests when we heard an unusual noise coming from the laundry room.

I ran in there and saw water gushing over the top of the laundry tub.   Water was running across the floor, under the washer and dryer and into the closet.  I quickly pulled the plug for the washer and the gushing stopped but there was a flood on the floor and the tub was still filled to the rim.

I rolled my sleeve up and reached down into the murky water and pulled a towel out of the drain.  Someone had tossed a dirty towel into the tub during the day.  Without knowing that, our granddaughter started a load of wash before going to bed.  When the washer pumped the water out, the towel plugged the drain and our little disaster was started.

When I stopped the washer and removed the towel, the immediate problem was resolved but we still had a flood on the floor.  There were still two strong men left from our guests and they immediately came to the rescue.  They pulled the dryer out so we could mop up the water under it.  Then they did the same with the washer.

Everything was put back in place and I was going to plug the washer back in when someone saw water running out from under it.  When it had been pulled out for mopping, the drain hose pulled off of the connection.  Then the water remaining in the washer had started running out on the floor.

Our big strong helpers tilted the washer forward so the flow stopped and then climbed, monkey-like, over the tilted washer to reach down behind it and reattach the hose.  Finally the hose was back on and the clamp secured.  We all patted ourselves on the back and then, after many thanks for the help, our last guests departed.

With everything back in order, we plugged in the washer to let it finish the the load of clothes that were still in it.  Immediately it started up with a reassuring hum and the remaining water began flowing into the tub.  Life was good.

Then we heard  water splashing below the tub.  I searched for the source and found that the drain hose had been damaged by the rough handling it got and was now spraying a small stream of water out beneath the tub.  Just then the cycle ended and the pump stopped.

“Ok, the laundry is finished for the night and the washer can wait til tomorrow.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”


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2 Responses to Wonderful Christmas

  1. Sasha says:

    Wow. Good thing some people stayed late! That’s a very interesting way to end the festivities.

  2. Norene says:

    what an exciting way to end a great day—–but I was so sad when it wasn’t Santa in the laundry room 🙁

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