Big Task

Well, I was a little behind schedule and then I took Thanksgiving day off. Now I need to write more than 18,000 words in six days. Another clip from the story is below. Let me know what you think.

They both already knew there was no hope; their little baby girl was going to die and there was nothing more they could do about it but hide in the mountains and hope no one came near them. Julia and Ethan had been living the very comfortable life of the Noblesse who were protected from the great cleansing of 2017.
They had both been born shortly after the cleansing so they never saw the old world. The world they knew had only about seventy million people living in it and all of them lived long and very comfortable lives.
Then, deep in a wilderness, in the same year they got their daughter, the cleansing virus mutated. Suddenly the Noblesse got sick and only the oldest among them had ever seen sickness before. After just two days the sick people began dying and few of them had ever seen anyone die. As the rate of sickness and death increased, people panicked. Some tried to escape into the wilderness but they knew that was dangerous. Others locked themselves in their houses but the sickness still found them.
As everyone died around them Ethan and Julia decided to hide in the wilderness. They had heard stories of the wild Sauvage who lived there and how they would kill any Noblesse they found but they hoped this was just a story. No one had ever seen a Sauvage.
They set out for the mountains they had always seen on the horizon, distant and mysterious but beautiful. Now they saw no beauty, just an escape from terror. They drove to the end of the roads and found hundreds of other vehicles abandoned there by the Noblesse that had already left the safety of the city.
They got out of the car, took everything they could carry and began walking to the mountains that seemed so near now. Soon they saw a body propped against a tree alongside the road, one of the people who had left a bit earlier but was too sick to continue. The horribly disfigured body showed that the person was either dead or so close to death that nothing could be done.
Ethan and Julia edged to the far side of the road and hurried past the grisly sight trying to protect their baby girl from any infection. As they continued toward the mountains this sight was repeated many times but they never met another live person.
They walked for four hours after the road ended but the dark and now foreboding mountains still seemed to be far in the distance. Neither of them had ever been out of the cities before so they had no idea how they would eat or sleep, they just knew they couldn’t stay in the city. Exhausted, they found a comfortable looking spot on the side of the path and sat down to rest.
“Ethan,” Julia asked, “why is this wide flat surface that we have been walking on here? It doesn’t look like natural stone. Is this one of the roads from the old world?”
“I guess so.” He answered. “I’ve never been out of the cities either so I can only guess at what things are.”
“What are we going to do tonight? Will we have to sleep on the ground? How will we keep Samantha warm? And how will we feed her after our supplies are gone?”
“Julia, I don’t have any answers. We go until we find something or we die. I don’t want to talk about it.”
After a brief rest, they got up and started walking again. Now the ground seemed to be rising and rocky outcrops were bordering the path. The distant mountains were getting closer now. The strain of walking for hours was wearing them down and even the slight grade they were on seemed too steep for a road.
Tears were welling up in Julia’s eyes when Ethan said “Look! That looks like a house on that hill ahead.”

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6 Responses to Big Task

  1. Norene says:

    What I like about your writting is:
    it leaves me wanting to read the next line/paragraph/chapter.
    It’s comfortable writting, therefore comfortable reading.
    there should be a best seller.

  2. Norene says:

    oops not ‘there’ but ‘therefor’

  3. justjoe says:

    I’m glad you liked it. When it’s finished you can review it for me.

  4. Norene says:

    ALWAYS like something GOOD to read. 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    I like it! Hurry up and finish already 😉

  6. Norene says:

    I know u can do it. GO JOE, GO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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