Trip from Hell II

Part 2
After eight and a half hours of running around like a man with his hair on fire, I was now on my way to a hotel. I missed the meeting, the only purpose for the trip.
The driving was very slow through the rush hour traffic and the ride took thirty minutes. The ride out took thirty minutes with no traffic. That’s when I realized the other taxi driver had scammed me with a tour through Toronto to get seven miles from where I had started.
We pulled up to the hotel at about five o’clock. I felt like I had been up for two days. I checked in, got my key and went to my room.
When I opened the door, I saw clothes on the floor and the covers pulled back on the bed. I slammed the door shut, fearing that a fat, hairy, naked man might walk into sight any second.
Back at the reception desk, they apologized profusely and gave me a new room. I went out for a quick dinner and then an early night to bed. Thankfully this day was done. There could never be another day as bad as this.
I was up early the next morning for a nine-thirty flight to Minneapolis. I downed a quick breakfast in the hotel and then took the hotel shuttle to the airport. I checked in, and walked to the gate.
As I walked into the gate area I noticed the sign listing the flight (they didn’t use the nifty monitors then) said it was going to Cincinnati. No one was at the desk yet so I walked back to the check in area and they assured me it was right; no one had changed the sign yet.
Reassured, I walked back and sat down. A few minutes later a smiling attendant with an armload of papers walked behind the desk and prepared for boarding the flight. Just to be sure I was in the right place, I went up and asked her. She looked at my ticket (yes, paper tickets back then) and assured me that I was in the right place.
A few minutes later boarding started and I took my assigned seat. A moment later another man came up to me and said I was in his seat. We called the flight attendant over and she took both tickets and told us to wait. She quickly returned, gave me my ticket and took the other man to a different seat. Now I was sure I was on the right plane.
The plane took off with no further incidents and I relaxed in my seat for the two hour flight home. A few minutes later the pilot started the usual announcents and ended with a cheery, “and we’ll be landing in Cincinnati right on time.”
Now I was ready to jump out of the plane. The flight attendant apologized profusely but we were flying to Cincinnati.
In the Cincinnati airport, I went to the Northwest Airlines desk to get the mess staightened out. Again, I got the profuse apologies followed by bad news. The next flight to Minneapolis was late in the afternoon and would get me back just in time to drive home and go to bed. Also, there was a line of thunderstorms approaching the Minneapolis area and could cause problems.
The fastest way from there to Minneapolis was to fly east to New York and then west to Minneapolis. They gave me a seat in first class on the flight to New York and a two hundred dollar travel voucher for my trouble and sent me on my way. The flight was uneventful and included a nice, first class lunch. Once in New York, I had to hurry between gates to get to the Minneapolis flight.
We boarded the plane, the doors closed and it backed away from the gate. Then it stayed there. Several minutes later the pilot announced that there was a line waiting for takeoff and we were being held here until things cleared. Several more minutes went by before we began to taxi to the runway. We stopped and the pilot announced that we were number twelve for takeoff.
We moved ahead eight or ten times and then the plane turned away from the runway and taxied to a holding area. The pilot announced that a line of severe thunderstorms would be in the Minneapolis area just when we would arrive (now that it was an hour past our scheduled departure) and they were holding all incoming flights for a few minutes.
Forty-five minutes later the engines revved up and we taxied toward the runway and the pilot again announced, “We are number fifteen for takeoff.”
Finally, we actually took off. The flight was smooth and we landed in Minneapolis with no more problems. As I walked out of the airport, I checked the arrivals board and saw that the flight from Cincinnati had arrived a few minutes before my ‘faster’ flight from New York.
By the time I reached home I had been away for more than thirty-six hours, travelled about five thousand miles, spent hundreds of dollars and accomplished exactly nothing.

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  1. justjoe says:

    You’ll probably have on to top that if you keep travelling

  2. Melissa says:

    Ugh! I can relate to that. I’ve had a couple of similar experiences now that I travel a lot more. Now that it’s in the past, its an amusing story, but I bet it was just awful, awful to live thru 🙁

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