The life of an independent writer

Before I tried to publish anything, I wrote on a nice schedule – 1000 words per day – and I rarely missed my target.  Now that I am a “published” writer my schedule has changed.  Now daily  I spend:

1 – 1.5 hours – scanning email to identify important messages

.25 hour  – responding to important messages

1.5 hours – Twitter

.5 hours – LinkedIn

.25 hours – Facebook

.25 hours posting to blog

2 hours reading and posting to other blogs

1 hour miscellaneous promotional work

2 hours miscellaneous non-writing and non-promotional work

.25 hours writing the next novel (that’s about 100 words per day)

I may forget how to write if this keeps up.  And my golf game is suffering as well.  Jeez!

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4 Responses to The life of an independent writer

  1. Laura Zera says:

    That’s my current challenge, too! Learning social media is definitely impacting my writing, yet everyone says “don’t wait until a month before you publish/launch to try to build your social media platform.” I’ve only been working on social media for a month or so, but so far the appropriate balance has eluded me!

  2. Norene says:

    and the worst part is, once you can’t golf anymore you will be shoveling snow!! 🙂

  3. justjoe says:

    What kind of obscene language is that? Snow is for post cards.

  4. Sasha Waletzko says:

    Hopefully all this tedious work will pay off and you will sell thousands of copies!

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