There’s risk and then there’s RISK

I just read an article about near earth objects in space.  NASA is searching for them to identify any that could actually collide with the earth.  One of the researchers said “We know now where most of them are and where most of them are going. That really has reduced our risk”.

Interesting, I guess when we know about them they won’t hit us.  Those asteroids are a sneaky bunch.  They roam around in space trying to crash into things but when you see them, they behave nicely.  I know some people like that.

But what worries me is that there are still many that have not been seen.  Are those sneaky ones hunting us down right now?

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4 Responses to There’s risk and then there’s RISK

  1. Norene says:

    too funny!!!

  2. Sasha Waletzko says:

    Scary thoughts! Space is big though, plenty of room for those objects to change course and never hit us 🙂

  3. Hi Joe,
    I know it’s not really reassuring, but the ones they know about are the big ones. The unknown ones are unknown because they’re small(er).
    Scarier is the fact that we’ve been sending out detailed instructions on how to get here (the Pioneer and Voyager missions) on the assumption that anyone who finds them will be friendly. Is anybody there? is a question we may not want to know the answer to.

  4. justjoe says:

    I’m ready to meet any of them. I can’t imagine that there is another civilization in the entire universe that is as ready to kill and destroy as we humans are.

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