Prologue to The Plagues

“Hey Bill, it’s gettin’ dark in here. Is there a storm comin’ in?”
“Not supposed to be,” the bartender replied as he ambled toward the window.
“What the hell?” He shouted, startling both of his patrons off their chairs. “It looks like bugs. They’re covering the windows. Millions of ’em.”
“Ow!” one of the previously lethargic barflies exclaimed as he swatted at his arm. “A goddam bee stung me. What the hell is goin on?”
“Yow! I just got stung.” The other patron shouted. “I’m gettin out of here!”
Chairs skittered across the floor as the two unsteady men ran for the door flailing their arms at a growing swarm of stinging insects. Pulling the door open, the first one was hit by a wall of flying and crawling insects. Biting insects crawled up his legs. Stinging insects swarmed over his face and under his collar and up his pant legs. The pain was everywhere.
He stopped as if he had run into a concrete wall and was knocked to the ground as the second man, screaming and running with his eyes closed, crashed into him.
The second man tried to get up but the bugs were biting and stinging him everywhere. Screaming, he fell back in the doorway while more wasps and hornets stung him in the eyes and ears and down his throat as he gasped for breath.
The men struggled and fell over each other trying to escape the merciless attack but in a few seconds their ineffective struggles subsided to random twitches.
Meanwhile, the bartender ran for the rear door as the bees and hornets inside the bar stung him repeatedly. He reached the door and pulled it open just to run into a wall of insects matching the swarming mass at the front door. Instantly he was covered with bees, wasps and hornets stinging him on every spot they could reach with their stingers. Ants were biting his ankles and crawling bugs of every sort swarmed over his face and into his mouth and nose.
In seconds the bar was silent except for the angry buzzing of millions of insects. They swarmed to a table where four empty beer bottles were left by four very anxious patrons who had left just minutes before.
Then, as suddenly as the attack had begun, it ended. The insects crawled and flew about aimlessly until the found their way out of the building. In a few minutes the bar was as silent as a cemetery which it now resembled with three corpses on the floor.

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2 Responses to Prologue to The Plagues

  1. Sasha Waletzko says:

    Loved this so much, I bought the book. It was great! I’m excited for the next one.

  2. Carmen says:

    In my old house I had been often attacked by bees in the night. They were tnryig to enter the house and sting me. If I closed the window, they wood just start hitting into it. It was very scary.At first I thought they were attracted by the light, but these incidents were happening mostly with lights switched off!Have any of you seen bees flying in the middle of the night?There might be some other kind of bees, like already mentioned zombee bees, ghost bees, possessed bees, vampire bees, devil bees, canibal bees and even blood thirsty stinging evil vampire possessed zombee canibal ghost bees mutant aliens.

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