To catch a frog

Carefully I started to ease the heavy air conditioner out of the window when a tiny tree frog hiding on it jumped into the house. I set the unit back into the window and turned to pick the frog up so I could release it in the woods. As I reached down, the little guy jumped under the sofa. I sighed and lifted one end up to look for him.
There, sitting calmly under the sofa was the little frog and I could swear that he was grinning at me. I swung the end of the sofa out into the room and set it down leaving the frog in the open. As I reached down to pick him up, he hopped under the sofa in its new location.
Now grumbling a little, I again picked up the end of the sofa and moved it back to its original position leaving the pesky little frog sitting in the open once more. Slowly, carefully I moved my hand to catch him. Just before I reached him, he again jumped under the sofa.
Now with some serious grumbling I puzzled over how I would get the little guy out of there. With a stroke of genius, I decided to tip the sofa over on it back so there was no way for the little guy to hop back under it. I would then be able to catch him with ease.
Smiling at my brilliance, I tipped the sofa over and gently laid it on its back while the little frog quietly watched. Then, with the utmost confidence, I reached down to pick the little guy up. With a couple of quick hops he was on the sofa and then inside of it.
Now, casting curses on all amphibians and all animals that hop, I set the sofa upright and pulled it apart. This was a pullout sleeper sofa so there were many places for a tiny tree frog to hide. Throwing cushions around the room and threatening every amphibian on earth, I fruitlessly searched for him. Sweating from the exertion I was certain I heard chuckling but of course, frogs can’t chuckle. At least I’m pretty sure they can’t.
Now, struck with an even more brilliant flash of genius, I decided to lift one end of the sofa and drop it on the floor, hopefully shaking him loose. Soo I got down on my knees, braced one hand on the floor and leaned over until I could see beneath the heavy sofa. I grabbed the sofa with my free hand and peering under it, lifted it as high as I could with one hand and proceeded to drop it onto my finger.
After a scream and some violent curses on frogs, furniture and generally anything in the area, I looked at my throbbing finger and saw the nail hanging off to one side. I had to abandon my hunt and tend to bandaging my self-inflicted wound. Then, using my uninjured hand, I put the cushions back in place.
“All right you slimy little demon, stay there and die.” I yelled at the frog. “See if I care.”
I knew he was laughing at me with his little frog laughs but the throbbing pain in my finger was too much to let me continue the hunt. I walked away wondering why God ever created frogs.
Later that evening the family was sitting at the dinner table when my daughter noticed something on the carpet in the living room. Getting up and walking in, she called back to us, “It’s a cute little frog.”
Before I could warn her of impending disaster from the demonic amphibian, she bent over and reached for the killer. She carefully picked up the tiny frog, showed it to us, took it outside and released it.

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3 Responses to To catch a frog

  1. Norene says:

    I LOVE this!! Tree frogs are soooooooooooo beautiful.
    I can just picture the whole thing. And Missy is right ‘it’s a cute little frog’. At least to her and me. lol

  2. Sasha Waletzko says:

    Hahaha! That’s great 🙂 he must have really disliked you.

  3. Margarette says:

    hahaha!! hilarious!! 😛 What a trickster.

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