Media view of good news.

I just read that a recent poll showed that many people believe they can not become a millionaire. The poll story (AP-CNBC Poll: $1 million a long shot in US) stated “Reflecting the psychic toll of the global economic doldrums, solid majorities of Americans — 61 percent — and Britons — 63 percent — say it’s extremely or very difficult for their countrymen to become millionaires today.”
Looking at the percentage of millionaires in the population, this seems very optimistic! Before the start of the “global economic doldrums” there were slightly less than 10% of US households that would be called millionaires. Now it seems 39% of the people polled think they can become a millionaire. We are living in an age of unbridled optimism!
So the Media (AP-CNBC in this case) think that a story about optimistic views of the future wouldn’t sell? The media is trying to foster national depression? What is the point of the poll and of the way the story is presented. Sounds like fear mongering to me.
Sadly, one person was quoted “There’s no determination, nothing to aim for, everyone is in robot mode — they just settle.” It seeems there is no point in living if you can’t be a millionaire. I feel very sorry for that person.

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3 Responses to Media view of good news.

  1. Sasha Waletzko says:

    This is very interesting. Although I would agree that there is a pessimistic attitude towards success. It seems as if everyone is less willing to work hard and therfore give up on the notion that they will be a millionaire. I personally think its more likely to win a lottery than to become a millionaire.

  2. justjoe says:

    So you think people’s poor attitude is the problem, not the economy? I agree. Many millionaires started during worse economic times that we are in now.

  3. Norene says:

    If I am understanding this, I am VERY impressed with the fact that 39% of Americans think their fellow countrymen could become millionaires. With the poverty level what it is, I would have thought it would only be 5%!

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