We have found hell and it is here

I just read that kids from eight to eighteen spend an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes per DAY on movies, video games, TV shows and other forms of entertainment media. If they sleep eight hours and attend school for another eight (including travel time) they have 22 minutes per day to interact with the real world.
That’s 22 minutes to shower, dress, brush teeth, eat, do homework, do chores around the house, excercise, talk to other people, and anything else that does not include electronic media. Of course, reading a book, even on a nook or kindle, has no place in that schedule.
Since there are kids who are active in sports and who read books and perform in plays and so on, then there must be many kids who spend 12 or more hours per day lost in the world of electronic media.
These kids are giving up their life. The star trek show had a civilization called the borg that consisted of people who were part of a massive electronically managed single being. These kids are voluntarily creating a real borg society. The people with the bluetooth headset stuck in their ear are beginning to look like the borg.
Resistance is futile. Have the chip implanted and your knowledge downloaded. Your entertainment will be provided as needed and the new electronic converter will convert electricity to bodily energy, eliminating the need to eat. Of course sleep is no longer needed so all you need is a locker to store your body and money to pay for the service.
Welcome to hell.

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5 Responses to We have found hell and it is here

  1. JoAnn says:

    You hit the nail on the head! TV for tots under one year and so it goes.

  2. Norene says:

    remember the days when we COULD send our kids outside and they could and would be out ALL DAY? I still can do that because I live in the country, but how many people think their kids are SAFE outside? 🙁

  3. justjoe says:

    How many people think their kids are unsafe because of media hype? I don’t think kids are in any more danger now than they were fifty years ago.

  4. Norene says:

    wow!!! I’ve be afraid every since I read “in cold blood” lol

  5. Sasha Waletzko says:

    This is scary! I can’t believe parents would allow their children to watch that much television. This is probably contributing to our overweight population.

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