Post 9/11

Another 9/11 has passed and the ceremonies were touching. But now I think it’s time to move on. The intent of the mindless fools who attacked us was to destroy America. Spending ten years in mourning has given them a partial win already.
We are doing a very good job of preventing additional attacks. This tenth anniversary would have been one of their favorite targets and nothing happened. Let’s add the lives lost to the vast number of others who have lost their lives in the name of their country and remember them all.
Rather than continued mourning, now we need vigilance and attention to the problems brought on by poverty and ignorance. Vigilance is needed to keep the sick minded individuals from killing more but even more important is the need to eliminate the conditions that lead to violence and hatred. People who live in poverty have less access to education and information. They frequently are forced to rely on on the rantings of local maniacs. They are usually hungry and frustrated and can easily be convinced that violence is their only solution.
Our army in Afghanistan spends more time on non-military activity than on traditional shooting, shelling, etc. This is what we need. An army that is vigilant against terrorists and at the same time protects and helps the local people is the army that could reduce the incidence of terrorism.
Now the rest of us need to work on improving peoples lives both here and abroad. If Americans just bought less cocaine, heroin and marijuana and wasted less food we would be making major advances in improving the living conditions of the people in the world. It doesn’t require great sacrifices, just a few small easy ones from lots of people.

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5 Responses to Post 9/11

  1. Norene says:

    this one made me cry, if only people would care more and others hurt less, the world would be a much nicer place ;(

  2. justjoe says:

    Yes, but all we can do is care more and hurt others less and pray that others will follow our lead.

  3. JoAnn says:

    You have hit the nail on the head once again. Less cocaine and more food use really would be an enormous saving. How about less gasoline and fewer video games??

  4. JoAnn Ryan says:

    How about less gasoline usage and fewer video games??

  5. justjoe says:

    That works too! There are many things that can be done. We all need to do just a little.

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