I was reading an interesting book (Render Unto Caesar by Charles J. Chaput) where the author stated that he once heard someone ask, “how any sensible person could choose to become a Christian because Christians have such an unhealthy desire for suffering.” That surprised me since, as a Christian, I have never felt any desire for suffering.
Every human being suffers from birth to death whether they are rich or poor, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or no religion at all. Certainly some suffer much more than others but no one is exempt from suffering. Just the act of being born is terrible. The poor innocent baby is living in a nice, warm, restful environment, always well fed and comfortable and is suddenly crammed through a birth canal that is half as big as the baby and then cast out into the cold air. Everyone enters this world suffering and crying.
As a child there is daily suffering ranging from a scraped knee or stubbed toe to being denied a desired object to seeing a grandparent die. No one can deny that living through the teenage years includes suffering. Certainly puberty is a synonym of suffering. As an adult, there is always suffering even for the wealthiest and most self centered of humans. The divorce rate for wealthy couples attests to this. The behavior of people like Madoff demonstrates that wealth and luxury do not eliminate suffering. Many times adults hide their suffering with alcohol and constant entertainment, but the suffering is still there and still painful.
Christians however, acknowledge suffering as a condition of our lives on earth. It is not that we desire suffering but rather that we accept it. The fact that a Christian can be happy and suffering at the same time makes some people think they like and even desire suffering.
Once a person accepts the fact that they will suffer, they can stop struggling with the unavoidable and focus on making life better for everyone. If every person did that, there would be much less suffering for us to accept.

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